Surgical experience beyond borders:
Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

The da Vinci®️ Robotic Surgery System was originally developed by NASA to be used by astronauts in space to be operated remotely using a console by surgeons on Earth. Da Vinci®️, which was first used in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, urology, general surgery and gynecology in 2000 with the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is still the world’s first and only robotic surgery system.

In this method, the surgeon, who performs the operation after the robotic arms are placed through 8 mm wide holes called ports opened in the patient’s abdomen, performs the operation by seeing the organs in 3D and 10 times magnified over a console where the arms outside the operating table are controlled.

The 3-dimensional image gives the surgeon a sense of depth during the operation, as a result, it enables him to see the operation area much more clearly and in detail. The surgeon performs the operation by directing 4 arms inserted into the body, 2 control arms and pedals under his feet. Normally, the natural tremor in the human hand is not reflected on the ends of the surgical instruments in robotic surgery, so the margin of error is minimized.


The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, which is most widely used in the field of urology, has proven its reliability by successfully performing more than 1.5 million surgical operations in the world.

da Vinci Robot at Izmir Medicana International Hospital

Who knew that this method, which was invented to treat astronauts in space, would provide such great comfort for patients on Earth? Thanks to the da Vinci®️ Robotic Surgery System, surgeons intervene in the patient through small holes and perform important operations with less scarring, less blood transfusion, less incision, faster healing, less pain, and a clearer image for the surgeon. They can perform with high advantages such as better tumor control. This opportunity, which humanity has achieved with the development of medical technologies, provides great comfort and convenience to the surgeon and patient.

The Robotic Surgery System is most commonly used in the field of urology all over the world. Cancer control is better in robotic surgery. The da Vinci®️ Robotic Surgery System provides great success in the treatment of urological cancers, especially prostate cancer and removal of the prostate. Cancerous tissue can be seen more clearly and removed during the surgery with the camera system with three-dimensional and high-resolution image feature, and the robotic arms capable of moving in 7 stages and 540 degrees in all directions.
Urine control is faster and better after prostate surgeries performed with robotic surgery. In the patient, the protection of the nerve and vascular bundle around the prostate, which provides erection, is provided more clearly by robotic surgery. Thus, the patient can return to earlier sexual life.

Prostate cancer surgery with robotic surgery